We can guarantee top quality reliable batteries to our customers at home and abroad. Prompt reply to inquiries, always in a few hours.
We are reliable and responsive. We are easy to work with. Our products are good and our service is friendly and is offered in a timely manner.
Our clients rely on us for proven expertise in providing prompt, professional customer service.

We Export

We export our batteries worldwide. FREE export battery packing. Ours is a privileged location with proximity to worldwide shipping facilities.

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25 years experience

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. With 25 years of
experience manufacturing
and distributing premium
quality batteries,
Premier Batteries
won over the
global market and
emerged out as
the leading and
fastest growing
manufacturer, marketer and
exporter of lead acid battery,
original-equipment and aftermarket automotive, heavy-duty truck,
agricultural and marine applications,
and new technologies for vehicles
and commercial applications.


We export quality

Our state of the art batteries being shipped.
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Our main business areas are focused on the manufacturing and exportation of automotive batteries for diverse applications, utilizing our own transportation and logistics services. We are a worldwide, family-owned company, an industry leader in productivity, profitability, and reliability. We show pride, enthusiasm, and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to producing and delivering high quality products and services.


We are situated in the heart of Miami, Florida, the main hub for US exports to many parts of the world including Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Using this strategic position to benefit its customers, Premier Batteries has been able to achieve the confidence of buyers by providing quality products at reasonable prices and export rates.


Export Packaging
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We are very experienced in exporting and can handle shipping arrangements, packaging, quotas and custom formalities, so that your shipment is shipped on time to you .We work with many shipping companies and can negotiate very competitive rates for you. Documents are made carefully so that you can clear goods on a timely basis. We continue to explore new markets and maintain current ones, by offering quality products and shipping them in a timely fashion.

Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will work with you from the selection of your products to the final delivery and shipment to your warehouse.

Our packaging (see picture) and quality control assures you that the batteries received are exactly the ones ordered, fresh from our warehouse to yours.



We deliver

Part of our strategy for good quality of service is the strategic location of our warehouse. Therefore we chose the best of the best possible options to deliver your battery to you in the safest, most affordable and fastest fashion.Together with our well experienced and talented staff, we are commited toready to serve the demanding and tough requirements of our customers in the US, South and Central America and the Caribbean.