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It has always been, and will always be, about quality. With 25 years of
experience manufacturing
and distributing premium
quality batteries,
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won over the
global market and
emerged out as
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fastest growing
manufacturer, marketer and
exporter of lead acid battery,
original-equipment and aftermarket automotive, heavy-duty truck,
agricultural and marine applications,
and new technologies for vehicles
and commercial applications.

Golf CartGolf Cart Battery List

Specially engineered and designed for superior performance, extended battery life and quicker servicing

6 Volt GC105 Battery

  • Length 10-5/16
  • Width 7- 1/8
  • Height 11-11/32



  1. Twist-and-release vent caps release all vent caps in a single turn for quick and easy maintenance.
  2. Stainless steel terminals resist corrosion and allow quick and easy installation.
  3. Split ring indicator lets user check water level for ease of maintenance.
  4. Cast-on strap / through-the-partition connectors provide improved electrical conductivity and strength for superior vibration resistance.
  5. High density oxide paste withstands heat and reduces normal material shedding to improve cycling - also extends battery life.
  6. Heat sealed container virtually eliminates leaks in normal usage and improves reliability.
  7. Thick, 5% antimony plates ensure slow discharge I recharge, withstand high heat. and improve cycle life.
  8. FLEX-SIL® separators, featuring natural rubber electron beam cured separators, reduce active material loss during cycling and increase battery life.
  9. Vibration-resistant case minimizes internal degradation by tight-packing internal components.
  10. Increased post diameter / larger lead base supplies superior current carrying


12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

Specs coming soon





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Part of our strategy for good quality of service is the strategic location of our warehouse. Therefore we chose the best of the best possible options to deliver your battery to you in the safest, most affordable and fastest fashion.Together with our well experienced and talented staff, we are commited toready to serve the demanding and tough requirements of our customers in the US, South and Central America and the Caribbean.